About Hernhill

Hernhill is a beautiful unspoilt village nestling in the countryside a few miles from Faversham. It has a great pub and a Norman church facing each other across a village green punctuated with a fine Oak tree. The Parish includes the hamlets of Crockham, Dargate, The Fostal, Lamberhurst, Oakwell, Staple Street, Thread, Waterham, Wey Street and Godfrey’s Grave.


The local Primary school is excellent, we have fine bed and breakfast at Church Oast and Barnsfield and there are abundant farm shops all over the Parish. The village sits on the edge of the North Kent marshes and is sheltered by the ridge of the Blean.

Hernhill is twinned with the French village of Vis-en-Artois.

There is documentary evidence of a community in Hernhill nearly 1,200 years ago, and it is extremely likely that there were settlements in the vicinity some centuries earlier whose inhabitants worshipped Celtic Gods, when the sea covered half the parish and fisherman outnumbered farmers.

St Michaels on a sunny day

A Saxon charter of AD811 refers to “Swithunincy” (swithin land) located vaguely as “east of Graveney”, most probably between Dargate and Lamberhurst. It has been suggested that this land might indeed have been the site of the first settlement from which Whitstable later developed.

In those distant days and for the next eight or nine centuries this was a very neglected district, very wild, and sparsely populated. Written records are meagre, but a saxon church at “Harenhylle” is recorded in the 11th century Domesday Monachorum, presumably on the site or close by our present church

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