Hello world!

This is my effort to get a Hernhill website started. To my mind a website is only good if it is updated regularly and so this site has blogging at it’s heart.

You can add to the site by clicking here and registering for your own login.

If you don’t know what web logging is then please take a look at Wikipedia here as they explain it far better than I can.  I have made a page here with some tips on how to use this site after you log in and for anything else you want to know please contact me here

With your help I  will be developing this site apace and will introduce new pages and features  including a better calendar of local events very soon. We are very much in need of good (copyright free!) photos that can be put up here to show off the village and surrounding area. These can go on the Photos page or in a blog entry that you write.

If you would prefer not to mess with the tech then please contact me here and I will send you an email address. You can send text, images or even video to that address and I will put them up on the site

Many thanks


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