Red Lion advert!

Well I have scrawled this web address on the blackboard at the Lion so hopefully some of you lovely people are reading this. I WANT your words so get busy, it doesn’t matter what you say so long as you say something. I will buy a pint (er or whatever is your favorite tipple) for the first person who posts!  CLICK HERE

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6 Responses to Red Lion advert!

  1. avatar Chris says:

    testing testing

  2. avatar Chris says:

    ha ! It works ! pint of bitter please !!

  3. avatar Simon says:

    well played sir, another excuse for me to pop down the pub. see you next week

  4. Good Local Pub, serving excellent food, lovely garden for in the summer. perfect picturesque setting for a country pub, right on the village green.
    i run a local bed & breakfast, Barnsfield, and as well as using the pub regularly myself, I am always recommending it to my guests, who all think it is wonderful, and have nothing but praise for it.
    Keep up the good work

  5. avatar Maureen Edwards says:

    A beautiful chocolate box village. People very nice and welcoming and food at the Red Lion is excellent. You never go home hungry. Staff very friendly.

  6. avatar linda says:

    am thinking of moving to Hernhill is there a bus service into canterbury or will I be a permanent taxi? Also – is there a local taxi service

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