The bygone years

I’ve been sent some great photos courtesy of the Faversham Society

The Red Lion at Hernhill in days gone by

The Red Lion at Hernhill in days gone by

The Dove at Dargate c-1910

The Dove at Dargate c-1910

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4 Responses to The bygone years

  1. avatar Miriam says:

    Interesting to see the pub with its original render.

  2. avatar Gabi says:

    Yes, doesn’t the Red Lion look different without the exterior we know!

  3. avatar Simon says:

    Incredible isn’t it. Richard Percival who is a very good local historian sent them to me. I’m hoping he may write something for the site too.

  4. avatar David Curling says:

    Good to see the Hernhill Web site. Am attempting to trace the Curlings of Hernhill, so if anyone can help it would be appreciated. Especially George and Elizabeth Curling around 1700. For some history of the Blean area, including Henhill and surrounding villages try Microhistories:-Demography,society, and culture in rural England, 1800-1930. by Barry Reay.
    I did come across it on the Web, open acess. Probably better to borrow from the library, as some is a bit heavy with statistics.

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