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I had a message from Linda re public transport:

“am thinking of moving to Hernhill is there a bus service into canterbury or will I be a permanent taxi?  Also – is there a local taxi service”

There is a bus service and I think it is now run by Poynters coaches. I’m not sure of freqency or times but I’ve contacted them and they are sending a timetable.

I think the nearest taxi service is in Boughton – Alans cabs…anyone know any other local ones?

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  1. avatar Gabi says:

    I thought the only bus service to Canterbury was from Boughton, so will be interested in your findings!

  2. avatar Michelle says:

    I didn’t think there was a bus service either – could be useful!

  3. avatar Carol Rawlins-Rheems says:

    Bus 638 goes Whitstable run by Poynters,to Faversham via Hernhill & Boughton. To get to Canterbury need to get bus 3 or 3a run by Stagecoach from Boughton Street outside Post office, or from Faversham where there is option of an express bus 3x. You can get a Stagecoach day explorer for £5.50, All Taxi’s are from Faversham or Whitstable, & cost just under £10 back to those towns, – or to Canterbury cost quite a lot more! Faversham also has trains running to Canterbury East if that is helpful. There is usually a row of cabs waiting outside the Station at Faversham so you can ask different companies to give you their cards for future reference. Tesco’s has a call a cab free line.
    Hope this is helpful, Carol

  4. avatar Carol Rawlins-Rheems says:

    Allan’s cabs no longer run from Boughton, only Faversham. They do a private coaches hire or something only there.

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