Child’s bike for sale – SOLD


RothanRothan Islabike pedal-less balance bike for sale – £75

Suitable from 2 years.  3rd birthday present last September, spent the winter in the shed and the spring being ignored!  He prefers the second hand pedal bike we were given.  Virtually unused, excellent condition.

Manufacturer’s website for more details.

Call Gabi on 750430 if you are interested.

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6 Responses to Child’s bike for sale – SOLD

  1. avatar Fred says:

    Will you give it a bit of a clean??

  2. avatar Gabi says:

    Um, it is already clean.

  3. avatar Michelle says:

    These pedal – less bikes are brilliant. My son of 2 has one and he is able to go as fast as, if not faster than his sister on a pedal bike without stabilizers. Well worth the money – no stabilisers required for the next bike as they have already developed fantastic balance.

  4. avatar Jennifer says:

    Hi does it have brakes or is it the older model? Would you consider couriering it?

    Ive been looking for one these for ages for my daughter.


  5. avatar karen says:

    If you have not already sold. I am the buyer! Would yo be able to arrange delivery to Swansea.?


  6. avatar Gabi says:

    Hi Jennifer and Karen

    Bike not sold, it’s still sitting in the shed and I’ve been too busy to do anything proactive!

    If either of you are prepared to pay the full price and pay for delivery, then I’m happy to ship it anywhere and anyhow.
    Happy to take close up pics and email them if you like. Jennifer, it’s the one without brakes, but Islabikes said the brake can be added if you want to.

    Out of interest, how did you find our village website? I assumed only locals would look at it and so didn’t mention shipping because I thought they’d walk round to get it!

    If you are still interested, please ring me on 01227 750430.



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