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I was at the Parish Council meeting last month and the subject of Internet access was raised. Some of those present complained that they did not have a very fast connection. As I have a bit of knowledge and experience in the field I thought I would make some suggestions to help people improve their bandwidth.

When I moved to Hernhill I was told by BT that I would be unlikely to get more than about 2.5Mbps downstream bandwidth because of the distance to my local exchange (Boughton). Currently, however, I get a pretty reliable 3.5 to 4 Mbps on ADSL Max. This is achieved by several things:

1. A good connection device. There are many broadband gateway/router/switch combinations on the market and some will negotiate with the exchange better than others. The dial up type ‘modems’ are to be avoided. Netgear range is pretty reliable

2. A good ISP. That is one that manages their own hardware. The cheapest is often cheap for good reason. The best according to all independent surveys are Zen Internet. Eclipse are also very good

3. An interstitial plate (Iplate). This is much simpler than it sounds – it’s a basic add on to your BT phone socket which further filters out ‘noise’ on the line, particularly that caused by extensions to the phone line in your house. Very economical upgrade costs just £5.20! see here  for info and here to buy

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