Hernhill Horticultural Society Newsletter No2

The latest edition of the newsletter in PDF format can be downloaded here

Hernhill Horticultural Society Newsletter

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One Response to Hernhill Horticultural Society Newsletter No2

  1. avatar Sylvia Philpott says:

    Hi Steve – I spoke to you briefly on Saturday at the Show re new members.

    We are a very friendly Horticultural Society being a true mix of the experts, the the green-fingered and learners (like me) and would welcome some new members into the Society. Everyone is very helpful and friendly and we have outings and a good social evening.

    We actually gained two new members at the weekend following the Summer show and Art Show inthe Church, so the more the merrier.

    The annual membership is £8.00 per household but if anyone would like to join now it is £4 until the end of the year.

    My contact details are 5 Jack Bailey Row, Kays Lane – Tel 01227 750259.

    Kind Regards


    PS Have not seen you name of the list !!

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