Thieves about

There have been a spate of thefts in the area, esp from farms, can people be vigilant. People put a  lot of time and effort into their livestock and land, and it is despicable that some low life thinks they have the right to just take what they like. If you have anything stolen, no matter how small, report it to the police, so thay can take some action. Local Police – 01795 477055

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  1. avatar Simon says:

    A couple of very dodgy characters wearing fluorescent waistcoats were challenged in Hernhill village on Wednesday (well done Kelsey) . It seems they had been walking around having a good look at properties. They were even seen in someones back garden!
    They have been ‘working’ for a fellow in Forstal and it appears that they conned him out of £4K. Whilst here they had taken the opportunity to case the village.
    Be on guard

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