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Hernhill Forum:  ‘Making things happen for the Hernhill community’.

The hernhillforum website is a means for parents / guardians and anyone involved with young people in the community to discuss issues and events concerning their education and enrichment opportunities for both children and adults.

Hernhill Forum has been created to facilitate communication and discussion between those wishing to enhance the educational and social aspect of the children’s  lives, in and around the Hernhill community.

Please feel free to join the debate, raise issues of your own, make suggestions for widening opportunities, communal events and things you might like to see, and help the ways in which we can help assist each other and help the community to flourish.

The Forum has also launched the ‘HernEar’, an e-newsletter. You can sign up for this on the Forum and keep up with the latest news.

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2 Responses to Hernhill Forum

  1. avatar Crispin Whiting says:

    How do I sign up for the HernEar newsletter then? Sounds like a very useful link.
    I really will get around to putting my moth pictures in the wildlife section soon – and some bonus newt pictures too.
    Does anyone else run a moth trap in the village (apart from the codling moth bottles in the orchards)? I am familiar with just about every type we get in our garden, but keen to know what else is around.

  2. avatar Miriam says:

    Go to the Newsletter page of the forum website and sign up to receive the HernEar newsletter by email


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