Broadband woes?

I’ve been contacted by several people lately who are experiencing very slow broadband speed in the Parish. This was raised at a Parish Council meeting in light of the money that KCC has received to help fund rural broadband projects but the consensus was that in general speed is acceptable.

I would like to do a bit of fact finding so please Comment on this post with your current download speed by going to and running the test.

Mine is 3408 Kbps


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6 Responses to Broadband woes?

  1. 1216 kps. Pretty poor.

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  3. avatar Sam says:

    Checked this morning…..
    Download 1005 kbps
    Upload 81 kbps
    Pretty rubbish!!!

  4. avatar Miriam says:

    Download speed 2736 Kbps
    Upload speed 364 Kbps

  5. avatar Sam says:

    Have also checked at workshop….

    Download 2824 kbps
    Upload 351 kbps

  6. avatar Mike says:

    Sorry for being late to respond. My download speed has been as low as 850 and when I checked with an alternative provider they suggested I might get no more than 1,000. Amazed the council “experts” consider this to be acceptable.

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