Anyone know Bounds House? has  recieved a message from Harold Debbage as below, can anyone help?

“Seasons Greetings from New Zealand

The 1851 Census shows John Hudson, with his wife and five childeren were living at Bounds House, Hernhill Road, Henhill. This John Hudson is my wife’s great great grandfather and the family moved to New Zealand in 1857/59. We are trying to find a map showing where Bounds House is or was.
There is a house named ”The Bounds” in Bounds Lane near Boughton Street so would this be the Bounds House shown in the 1851 Census?”


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  1. avatar Crispin Whiting says:

    Yes, The Bounds, in Bounds Lane would almost certainly be the house in question. It is known as The Bounds simply because is straddles the boundary between Hernhill and Boughton.
    Henry Bryant, who has lived there well over 30 years, would probably know more about when it was built, but parts of the brickwork and some of the walls in the garden certainly pre-date 1851.

  2. avatar Harold Debbage says:

    Very many thanks Crispin – I’ve only just found your reply as my mid 80’s year old memory could not remember where I’d asked the question so didn’t know where to look for an answer – Googly finally found it for me. Also apologies for calling children childeren and Hernhill Henhill, more age problms.
    Since asking the question you’ll know I’ve been in touch with Arthur Percival and you’ll have seen the ‘blue photo’ I sent him. Does this photo help to confirm your opinion? I’ll email a copy of the original ‘blue photo’ to you shortly

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