‘Heritage Trees’ in Kent

The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV) is carrying out a major survey of ‘Heritage Trees’ in Kent with the aid of lottery funding. The five year scheme will involve hundreds of people of all ages in a host of activities focused on Kent’s rich stock of heritage trees.

Heritage trees are defined as old trees, wide trees, rare trees and trees with historical and cultural significance. They can also include comparatively young trees, planted to commemorate an event, or trees with a link to local history or folklore.

I have joined the BTCV volunteer tree surveyors to help record as many these heritage trees as possible and I am looking for local trees of note. If anyone knows of any potential heritage trees that might qualify to be on the record I would be happy to take any details. (The oak tree on the village green has already been recorded.)

If anyone would like more information about the project I would be pleased to pass details.

Margaret Nicholls –  nicholls9@talktalk.net


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