Who loves Scalextric?

I had an interesting suggestion from a friend recently following an excellent bout of digital Scalextric. Has anyone else got access to  track following Christmas? Would you be up for a meeting in the Village Hall to build a great track a la James May? Let me know

simon (aged 12 and a half)

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  1. avatar Mike Skipper says:

    Hi simon my name is mike & i help run a scalextric club based just of off brenley corner,if you are interested in comeing along on a monday night with your dad please get him to call me on 07519976790.Our web site is vikingslotcarclub.co.uk
    The guy that started the club his name is adrian he is scalextrics prom manager & a lot of our club members helped to set up and run the 2.95ml track at brooklands with james may. Hope to hear from you or your dad soon. Regards Mike

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