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Following on from the responses I received about broadband speeds in the Parish it’s pretty clear that they vary wildly, even houses quite close to each other (and therefore the same distance from Boughton exchange) can have considerably  different speeds. If you want to improve the speed of your internet connection then you can try the following:

1. Ensure your landline phone signal is clear. Broadband is affected by poor quality lines. If you have any noise on your phone then report it to BT (don’t mention broadband as that will muddy the waters). They will perform various tests and then hopefully tell you that they will send an engineer. It is important to ensure that none of your own equipment is responsible for the noise. The  best way to do this is to use an analogue phone (that is non-digital old type which takes its power from the line ) plugged straight into your master socket which is the first phone socket in your house which the outside line connects to. Dial 17070 to do a silent line test and if your line has problems then you will hear interference quite clearly

2. Get an I- Plate. These are very cheap and act as a filter on your line to improve the connection see here

3. Ensure you have a good connection device. One of the leading brands of routers.

Alternatively there is a service available from Vfast will connect you to the internet using Wimax, a wireless service. This involves putting a transceiver externally, normally on your  roof which will connect to transceiver on Boughton mast. It needs clear line-of-sight but if you can’t see the mast from your roof then it may still be possible by ‘bouncing’ off another transceiver.

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5 Responses to Improve your broadband speed

  1. avatar mark benham says:

    has the parish teamed up with VFAST to supply faster seems lots of other villages seem to be

  2. avatar Simon says:

    Hi Mark,
    Parish council has not really had to be involved as Vfast offer their service to the whole area anyway. See
    Simon admin

  3. avatar mark benham says:

    hi simon
    thanks for your reply, the reason i ask is that they could offer us free fitting or routers which they done for other villages.

  4. avatar Simon says:

    Yes that would be great although I think we may be a bit far down the road of standard commercial agreements with them around here. I know of around 10 houses in the village that have gone Vfast

  5. avatar Sarah says:

    I have VFast in Waterham and it has revolutionised our house. Previously, we couldn’t even watch a video on youtube without 20 mins of buffering and now we can watch a whole programme on iplayer. I understand that being downhill from the transmitter helps along with having few obstructions such as tree or neighbouring houses.

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