Hernhill School Ofsted Report

The HeadTeacher, Staff and Governors at Hernhill Primary School are delighted to be able to be able to share the Ofsted report on the school which has been published today.

The school has been judged to be Good in all areas which means it is “effective in delivering outcomes that provide well for all its pupils needs”.

The Inspectors found that pupils across the school achieve well and that standards at Hernhill are above average in English and Mathematics, with more pupils reaching the higher levels than found nationally. The Inspectors observed a number of lessons and found that teaching in the school is consistently good, and at times outstanding. The Governors were pleased to note that those pupils “with special educational needs, achieve as well as their peers, making and exceeding the progress expected …. because the work that is planned for them … is closely tailored to their needs”.

The Inspectors listened to pupils in different year groups reading and said that in all classes children talked with confidence about what they have learnt in each lesson. It is encouraging to see that the school’s positive promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development means that pupils work cooperatively and get on well together, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity and that incidences of bullying and cyber-bullying are rare. Ofsted commented that there is equal opportunity for all groups of pupils and there is no discrimination. They acknowledged that pupils enjoy coming to school and said that the very large majority of parents and carers are happy with our school.

The Governors can see that plans for development have been successful in raising achievement and appreciate that the Headteacher and other leaders, working effectively as a team, are ambitious for the school.

If you wish to view the full report it can be found on the school website www.hernhill.kent.sch.uk/kent/primary/hernhill

Helen Figgis
Chair of Governors

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