Filthy Thieves in Hernhill

This is to alert everyone to be extra vigilant. We were burgled yesterday (Thursday) between the hours of 8am and 5pm. The thieves or thief broke a window at the rear of our house.

The items missing are all small; jewellery, iPads, laptops. This makes it likely they were on foot. As the only parking is on the road outside our house, if there was a vehicle someone may have seen it.

We are now installing security cameras and an alarm system. Stables and bolted come to mind but now it is more about peace of mind. This will enable us to remotely monitor the house while we are out and be alerted if the alarm is activated.

Huge appreciation to the Police who attended within an hour of being notified and were followed by a very thorough forensics team.

Simon. Claridges, Godfrey’s Grave

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