Hernhill Neighbourhood Watch meeting

The meeting was well attended with over 20 people turning up. The Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer – John Haddaway (01634 792131) – gave a helpful presentation about home security. Many people throughout the village signed up as volunteers, although no one from the Waterham area has come forward so far. Anyone else who is interested in taking part should contact the Parish Council for a copy of the form. Two Police Officers attended the meeting who spoke to everyone about crime levels in the past two weeks, most of which was opportunistic and very minor. The key thing they said was to report all crimes, however minor – the more reports they get the more visits we will get from the Police even if they just drive through the village which raises their profile and deters criminals and makes them move off to other areas! Harsh reality. They also told us that our local PCSO is Adam Sparkes and he can be contacted on 07972004422 if there is anything untoward that anyone wants to report to him.

People should phone 101 to report anything non urgent and 999 for anything urgent.

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