Burglars can be caught

Contrary to popular opinion that most domestic burglaries go unsolved I am pleased to say that the scumbag who robbed us a year ago has been caught! The police were carrying a routine stop and search in Peckham and became suspicious. A search of the, ahem, gentlemans flat revealed some mobile phones.

Although much of the govt legislation in this arena may be construed as intrusive one thing they did is most useful. All mobile phone companies must keep records of the locations of mobiles for a year. The mobile just has to be on.

This means that when the police too a close look at scumbags phone they found that it had been to 42 properties on the exact time and date when house burglaries were carried out. One of those was our own dear Hernhill.

Yes 42 burglaries all around  the M25 in a stolen car.

Busted, and one can only hope that they put them in a very nasty jail


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